Supreeya Scarmuzza - Proprietor

Supreeya Scarmuzza – Proprietor

Our Story

SukhoThai, meaning ‘Dawn of Happiness,’ is a word that stirs the hearts and minds of the Thai people, conjuring notions of the ‘Golden Age’ of Thai History. This is the inspiration behind SukhoThai New Orleans, serving fine Classical Thai Cuisine in our home city since 2003, with locations in the Marigny and Uptown neighborhoods. Our uncompromising authentic recipes, bold Thai spices, and the freshest ingredients are some of the reasons SukhoThai is designated as a “Thai Select Premium” restaurant by the Royal Thai Government. We invite you to discover our wonderful seafood recipes, delicious noodle bowls, spicy wok dishes, and broad vegan and gluten free menus.

Thai Cuisine

The Southeast Asian origins of Thai cuisine can be traced to the ancient ‘Silk Road’. Thailand was a crossroads between India and China, and the curries and stir-fried foods in Thai cooking are remnants of this history. But Thai cuisine’s true uniqueness results from combining these outside influences with indigenous aromatic herbs and pungent spices such as lemongrass, galangal, kaffir lime, and Thai chilies. The SukhoThai menu is a culinary exploration of regional Thai cuisine, an experience we are eager to share with you.


We endeavor to bring you the true cuisine of Thailand. Each item is prepared individually using fresh ingredients and our own homemade sauces. No preservatives or MSG are used in our cooking. We use locally source seafood and produce where available, while crucial spices are imported from Thailand. As in Thailand, our menu items are served ‘a la carte’ to be shared by everyone at the table, and most entrees are served with steamed Thai Jasmine white or brown rice.


SukhoThai is committed to sustainability, and we have implemented a number of policies in support of that commitment. The restaurant uses no styrofoam, using all recyclable materials for take-out containers. We recycle all paper, plastic, metal, and glass waste generated in the business, and have made efforts to reduce the use of straws while switching to biodegradable as well. All lights in the restaurants have been changed to LED to reduce energy usage. SukhoThai has built two large organic herb gardens for supplying fresh herbs to the kitchen, and composting of kitchen waste supplies nutrients to our organic gardens.