Thai food is known to bring the heat. Whether it’s a traditional use of strong and aromatic spices or the more modern use of peppers with a real kick, spiciness is essential to many Thai dishes. Not only do heat seekers and Thai food fans enjoy the sensation of eating hot foods, but they also bring some serious benefits as well. Here are three reasons you might want to work in spicy Thai food to your diet for health benefits.

Three Reasons Spicy Thai Food Can Improve Your Diet and Health

There are a lot of things to love about some of Thai food’s spiciest dishes. Not only do they taste great and offer individuals healthy meals that don’t lack texture or flavor. Some of the elements that make Thai food healthy include the use of spiciness in its ingredients and preparation. Here are just three ways that spicy food can be a big benefit to your wellness.

Heart Health

Incorporating peppers, especially of hotter and red varieties, are proven to lead to lower levels of low-density lipoprotein. This LDL level is crucial because lipoprotein is tied to the negative type of cholesterol that ties to heart disease. Because individuals who regularly eat foods with peppers or that utilize peppers as an ingredient of some sort show signs of lower cholesterol, they are less likely to die from heart disease or stroke.

Metabolism, Gut Health, and Weight Loss

Spicy food can play a role in improving your metabolism, gut health, and weight loss. Interestingly, your taste buds and gut health are tightly tied. The same senses that recognize spicy food on your tongue exist in your digestive tract. The receptor creates anandamide chemicals after sensing hot foods to help limit inflammation. Some people have more active receptors than others, which is why some handle hot food better than others. The trick is adding heat to healthy meals, not just fried and fatty foods. Luckily, Thai food is perfect for this practice, as it relies heavily on healthy ingredients.

Pain Relief

Last but not least, spicey Thai foods can also assist you with pain relief. The body responds to spicy food in interesting ways, and that includes calming the nerves when they cause joint or muscle pain. Even more long-term experiences like arthritis can see major improvements when individuals work spicy food into their diet.

Thai food uses spices in natural and healthy ways. Not only does this help add flavor and make meals exciting, but it can also have major impacts on your health. Working spicy Thai food into your diet can make a big difference in your personal wellness.