[ soo-ko-tai ]
Sukhothai, meaning ‘Dawn of
Happiness,’ is a word that stirs the
imagination of the Thai people.  
Another meaning could be ‘Dawn of
the Kingdom of Thailand,’ as
Sukhothai was the first free Thai city,
founded in 1238 A.D., after two Thai
chieftans liberated the city from
Khmer rule.  Sukhothai thus became
the seat of the first Siamese Kingdom,
and the centerpoint of an era of
material prosperity, artistic greatness,
and cultural development known
today at the ‘Golden Age’ of Thai
The origins of Thai cuisine can be traced to the ancient 'Silk Road'.  
Thailand was a frequent stop between India and China, and the curries and stir-fried
foods in Thai cooking are reminders of the past. But Thai cuisine's true uniqueness
results from combining these outside influences with indigenous aromatic herbs and
pungent spices such as lemongrass, holy basil, and Thai chillies.

We endeavor to bring you the true cuisine of Thailand. As in Thailand, our menu items
are served 'a la carte' to be shared by everyone at the table, and most entrees are
served with Thai Jasmine white or brown rice. Each item is prepared individually using
fresh ingredients and our own homemade sauces.  No preservatives or MSG are used
in our cooking.

Please order your preferred level of spiciness.  
Mild - Mild/Medium - Medium - Hot - Thai Hot   
Supreeya Scarmuzza - Proprietor