Fried Noodles
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Pad Thai
Thin rice noodles pan-fried in a tamarind sauce with meat of choice, bean
sprouts, green onion and egg. Garnished with peanuts, bean sprouts, green onion
or chives, and lime.

Dirty Noodles
Wide rice noodles, egg, garlic, Chinese broccoli and/or broccoli, and carrots
stir-fried in a sweet black soybean sauce with meat of your choice.

Drunken Noodles
Wide rice noodles stir-fried in a spicy roasted chili paste with garlic, onion,
carrot, broccoli, cabbage, bell peppers, sweet basil and egg.

Rad Na Noodles
Wide rice noodles in a hearty sesame soy sauce with Chinese rice wine, Chinese
broccoli and/or broccoli, fermented soybean, carrot, and 3 mushroom varieties.  

Royal Pad Thai
Crispy egg-noodles stir-fried in sweet and tangy tamarind sauce with chicken and
seafood, bean sprouts, and green onion. Garnished with fresh lime, bean sprouts,
and peanuts.
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Beef Boat Noodle Soup  (Uptown Only)
Ayuthaya style hearty stewed lean beef flank chunks, Thai meatballs, Chinese
broccoli with thin rice noodles. Served with fresh bean sprouts, basil leaves, and
dried chilies.

Seafood Tom Yum Noodles
Thin egg noodles and shrimp or seafood combination in a creamy hot and sour
lemongrass soup with mushrooms, tomato, cilantro, and fresh Thai herbs.

Curry Noodles
Noodle soup with yellow curry, chicken breast or tofu, red onion, pickled cabbage,
cilantro, and roasted chili paste, served with steamed and crispy fried thin egg

Pork Tom Yum Noodles (Uptown Only)
Bangkok style with egg noodles, ground pork and pork meatballs in a hot and sour
lemongrass soup with green onions and cilantro. Order as dry noodles or soup.      

SukhoThai Sukiyaki
Glass noodle stew with Chinese broccoli, Napa cabbage, celery, carrot, onion,
button mushroom, zucchini, scallion, and egg, served with an irresistable sauce of
chili paste, pickled garlic, sesame seed and cilantro.  Use the sauce as a dip, or
add to the stew to taste.

Roasted Duck Noodles  (Marigny Only)
Thin egg noodles and sliced roasted duck breast marinated with star anise, and
served in a light broth with bean sprouts, scallions, cilantro, and Chinese
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