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Fried Bananas and Ice Cream – Wonton wrapped bananas served with vanilla ice
cream, topped with honey and white sesame seeds.

Black Rice Pudding
Traditional Thai sweet black sticky rice pudding, topped with fresh coconut milk.

Mango Sticky Rice
Slices of juicy, ripe Southeast Asian Mango, served with warm Thai sticky rice
drizzled with coconut milk and sesame seeds.

Dragon Puffs
Thai Beignets - Light and flaky fried puffs of roti bread, topped with honey,
powdered sugar, and served with fresh berries.     

Chocolate Lava Cake
Warm dark chocolate ganache cake served over Hershey’s chocolate syrup with a
mix of fresh berries.    

Thai Iced Tea

Thai Lime Tea

Thai Iced Coffee

Young Coconut Juice

Ginger Tea

Specialty Loose Teas
We have a great selection of the finest loose tea leaves from around the world.
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